Trinity Lutheran Church (WELS, Woodbridge, VA) Weekly sermons from Trinity Lutheran Church, Woodbridge, VA

April 9, 2017  
The sermon for Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017. The sermon text is based on Matthew 21:1-11
Today's Focus: From his birth to his death, Jesus demonstrates remarkable humility. He is King of kings. And yet when born into our world, he did not have a golden crib, but only a manger. When he rides into the royal city of Jerusalem as a king, it is not on a stallion, but a little donkey foal. And when he, as Lord of Lords, mounts his position of authority, it is not a throne, but a cross. Why would one so great be so unspeakable humble? And what is there for us to learn in his humility? Come and listen to His Word today!
Sermon given by Pastor Jon Bergemann.
Trinity Lutheran Church is located in Woodbridge, VA, USA and is a member of the Wisconsdin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). If you would like more information about our congregation, please visit or
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