Trinity Lutheran Church (WELS, Woodbridge, VA) Weekly sermons from Trinity Lutheran Church, Woodbridge, VA

June 18, 2017  
The sermon for Sunday, June 18, 2017. The sermon text is based on Matthew 7:15-29
Today's Focus: The Holy Ministry stands on the rock-solid truth of God's Word.  Not all who call themselves ministers do that, so watch out for false teachers.  Many will come with wise sounding words and pious promises, but they are not what they seem.  The Church's only defense is to stand firmly on the rock-solid truth of God's Word.  In the season of Pentecost, we explore deeply the teachings of Christ and the application of faith in the life of the Christian.  How fitting that this initial Sunday lays the foundation for that teaching and life: the inspired Word of God.
Sermon given by Pastor Jon Bergemann.
Trinity Lutheran Church is located in Woodbridge, VA, USA and is a member of the Wisconsdin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS). If you would like more information about our congregation, please visit or
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